Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunrise, Sunday School, and Sarees

Our morning started off early - with most of the group getting up in time to see the sunrise after a night of cooling rains. We enjoyed the cooler temperatures throughout this day - it was a nice change from the hot sun and humid air! 

Sunday morning in Chiluvuru means Sunday School in the chapel at the clinic! Normally an experience of organized chaos when we bring groups to join the kids, the team brought a fun atmosphere this morning! After singing a few songs, we brought the kids together to make friendship bracelets - an activity prepared by the team, inspired by their camp experiences... A big shout out to Mennonite Camping! :) 


The morning went great and the shared activity gave us a channel to communicate. We have more great pictures that will find their way to Facebook. 


After Sunday School, the women of the team were in for a treat! Some of the women working at the clinic had brought sarees and they spent about an hour getting all of the girls decked out in beautiful cloth, jewelry and flowers. They looked incredible! 



What the girls didn't plan on was wearing them the rest of the day :) After carefully eating lunch, a few tried to take naps while a couple of us decided to enjoy the cooler afternoon and help Mercy prepare some food for later in the week. Either way, it was a very restful afternoon. 

Church in the evening was a new experience for the girls - for most, it was their first time attending a service entirely in another language. Others commented on their worship style and service structure - that it reminded them of Amish services they had attended... Unison hymns sung with full voice, prayer, sermon, prayer, offering - and then sharing biscuits and chocolates which I guess could be compared to the sweet marshmallow cream peanut butter :) 

We shared a late supper with a few of the doctors from clinic, one of whom is also a pastor and had preached that evening. The girls were anxious to get out of their sarees, which they found surprisingly hot and uncomfortable, and we had our regular time of sharing and reflection. 

As I sit on the top floor this morning drinking my coffee, reflecting on the conversations and experiences we've already had in week one - I'm both grateful and also very much anticipating week two of our trip. Today is our last full day in Chiluvuru and we've all already expressed sadness in anticipation of leaving, but we are excited for the new experiences to be had at Pune and are looking forward to visiting the Union Biblical Seminary and school.