Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our arrival at Union Biblical Seminary in Pune

*Due to connectivity issues, our post for Monday was a few days late so don't forget to read about our final day in Chiluvuru!* 

Tuesday was another travel day for us, our last in-country travels before the journey home this Saturday. After an unexpected early departure from the Clinic in Chiluvuru, the team flew two short flights from the airport in Vijayawada to Pune, our final destination for the trip.

We have been blessed this trip with relatively smooth travel! Tuesday didn't stray from this pattern, with two representatives from Union Biblical Seminary (UBS) waiting to greet us at the arrivals hall. 

Our drive to the UBS campus had us loving Pune already, the mountains and trees combined with cooler weather were a wonderful welcome to us. We were then warmly received at the guest house by our host, Usha. Usha was wonderful to talk with - we learned about her role as host, about her family (her husband also works at the seminary as a professor), and shared stories about all of our pets, of which she has 4 dogs, 14 cats, and a pond full of fish! After tea we took a walk to explore campus, which is perched at the top of a hill in the old part of the city. 

Rev. Dr. Shekhar Singh greeted us at the conclusion of our walk, officially welcoming us to the UBS campus. Dr. Shekhar also gave us a brief idea of our daily rhythm for the rest of the week, for which we were grateful! Our evening was relaxed, consisting of a wonderful dinner followed by reflection time before heading to bed early - we are going to have to get into a new, nap-free rhythm!