Thursday, June 30, 2016

Heading to Mukti

After a culmination of various conversations over the past few days, we decided late yesterday to change our plans drive the 60 km from here to visit the Mukti Mission today. Many of the staff and faculty at UBS have strong connections to the Mission and it seems like all signs are pointing to us trying to get out there. 

So, here we go :)

Kelsey and I are very proud of the girls for enthusiastically getting behind the schedule change and being flexible with our plans for today. We found out this morning that there is a large group on a religious pilgrimage called Varkari on the road between here and there - so we are hoping the way isn't blocked, but we are departing soon and will try! 

Looking forward to our day and to what God has in store for the team, we look forward to sharing the stories when we get back. 

For any interested, here is the Wikipedia link to the information on Varkari: