Sunday, June 19, 2016

Orientation Day 2

The team woke up this morning in our host homes and all gathered at Groundswell - a local cafe - for brunch together with Denay and some hosts to start our day. Here is where we discovered that a majority of the team (who will go unnamed) have a different understanding of the proper timeframe for brunch.... But that's another story. 

After brunch the team took off on the light rail for an adventure to downtown Minneapolis! We visited the Guthrie theatre, took a view from the platform extending out over the river, and then walked across the stone arch bridge - leaning about the different industries that the Cities were built around. 


We finished off our time downtown with some ice cream at Izzy's! Sitting around the shop the team began to discuss some of the realities of power and privilege - both here at home and what we will encounter in India. 

We're now headed back to John and Denay's for naps, showers, and final preparations before joining Third Way Church (St. Paul) for Worship. Then we'll head to the airport!