Friday, June 24, 2016

Arrival in Chiluvuru

Catching the train this morning was a good experience for all! The bustling crowds at the station, watching the countryside roll by, vendors selling tea, coffee and all matter of things.


Padma, a friend of John through connections at Menno-Clinic, had joined us in Hyderabad and is coming along to Chiluvuru for the weekend. We were met at the Guntur station with a car and crammed in for the half hour drive to the Clinic. 

With her wonderful gift of hospitality, Amamma - meaning grandma in Telugu - welcomed us right away with lunch... Putting a few of us into an afternoon slumber. But the girls were full of energy! They went on their first walk through the village - already making some new friends along the way. 

Our evening was a relaxing one - tea on the roof, supper together, and reflecting on the first part of our trip. Answering questions for Padma and Amamma, and thinking back on our first impressions and how they've developed over the past few days. 

As we were winding down, a storm blew in, so as we head to bed this evening we enjoy the sound and relief that comes from the cool rains at the beginning of monsoon season.