Thursday, June 23, 2016

Departing for Chiluvuru!

Yesterday (Thursday) was our last day of in-country orientation and the team had a wonderful day in Hyderabad. 

Some of us were able to visit the Golconda Fort in the morning - a much older fort than those we visited in Agra and Dehi, construction on this began in the 9th century and continued over the next number of centiries. It was occupied and used as a governing place up through the middle of the 19th century! So much history as it passed between Hindu and Muslim rule. 

After the fort, the whole group was able to visit the Shriramam Emporium - a government sponsored market for hand-made crafts from all over India! It was both interesting to look at all the work from the different regions of the country, as well as spend a bit of time buying a gift or two for family or friends back home. 

Lately, we've been in a habit of eating two meals a day... A big breakfast and a big linner, or dunch, or whatever you want... Today's was king of the past few as the team was introduced to the beautiful regional dish called Byriani! Paradise is the name of the restaurant, and if you're ever in Hyderabad, don't miss it :) 

We ended the day with a beautiful sunset walk through the Birla Temple - pictures couldn't do it justice, and even if they could, they weren't allowed :) This beautiful temple was built recently, and has inscriptions from Islam, Judiasm, and Confuscism - the team noted that of all the scriptures to represent Christianity, selections from the Sermon on the Mount were chosen. 

This day provided for a great discussion before an early bed time in preparation for catching the early train this morning! Now we are headed for the train station for the 5 hour ride to Chiluvuru. 

Menno-Clinic, India, here we come!